f/U converter and signal converter frequency >>> analog / serial / parallel

The devices shown here are used to convert frequencies into analog standard signals (V or mA) or parallel signals (binary, Gray code or BCD format) and also display the converted values ​​via a serial output interface. The intended for installation in a control cabinet Transmitters stand for high reliability, simple operation, precise conversion and high frequency ranges. Numerous programmable additional functions sensibly round off the respective range of functions. A snap-on device on the underside of the housing allows it to be mounted on a DIN rail in accordance with EN 60715 in a matter of seconds.

Other options for converting frequencies to analog signals and/or serial formats are also available with our DX series indicators (see Tachometers) .

FP210: Signal converter Frequency >>> Parallel

The FP210 transmitter picks up frequencies via its input and converts them into a parallel binary, gray code or BCD format.

-Frequency inputs A, B [HTL], A, /A, B, /B [RS422, HTL]
-3 control inputs (hold) for PNP signals [10 ... 30 VDC]
-Input frequency up to 1MHz
-25-bit parallel output push-pull in BCD, binary or Gray code format

FU210: Signal converter frequency >>> analogue / serial RS232/RS485

Converter for incremental encoders with a focus on frequency or speed tasks. Functions such as links (e.g. A+B), scaling, filters, start-up delay ... etc.

-Pulse inputs A, B [HTL], A, /A, B, /B [RS422, HTL]
-Input frequency up to 1 MHz [RS422], 200 kHz [HTL]
-Analog output ±10 V, 0/4 ... 20 mA, 16 bit
-USB interface and RS232/RS485 interface for configuration and serial reading