Process displays for IO-Link device

Displays from the touchMATRIX® series can be equipped with different options. The new IO option offers touchMATRIX® displays the connection to the IO-Link world.
With regard to Industry 4.0 , the process display with IO-Link device enables, for example, the digitization of conventional analog sensors. This results in a multitude of innovative functions for standard sensors, such as B. the transmission of status information, the configuration of the devices during operation or the digital evaluation and scaling of analogue sensors. Above all, this saves conversion and commissioning costs. In addition, thanks to extensive monitoring, weak points can be identified and corrected before the machine comes to a standstill.

AX350/IO: touchMATRIX® IO-Link display

On-site display with IO-Link device for displaying two process data. With resistive touchscreen and multicolor graphic display (red, green, yellow). Representation of plain text, symbols and units possible. Any combination of modular configuration with analog output, switching outputs, relay, serial interface (Modbus) and 115 ... 230 VAC.

-IO-Link device V1.1
-3 control inputs for HTL / PNP signals
-2 universal 16-bit analogue inputs for ±10 V / 0 … 10 V / 0/4 … 20 mA
-High-precision reference output 10 V for potentiometers > 1 kOhm

AX350/IO options: for touchMATRIX® for process displays

IO-Link device V1.1 configuration of the touchMATRIX® display.
Can be combined with other options.